Introduction to The Warbow, A Lesson in Medieval Victory

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Join Lykopis Archery for a two-weekend event, f
eaturing Chris Verwijmeren, World Class English Warbow & Heavy Thumb Draw Archer.

February 10, 11, 17 and 18.
Only $120 for the full four-day event! This includes access to all lectures, seminars, discussions, demonstrations and shooting experiences over the course of two weekends. All attendees will receive a certificate of completion.
To register, please email

Workshop Itinerary

February 10: Lykopis Archery
2:15 PM-6:30PM
Lecture, “What is a Warbow?”
Meal break
Further demonstration of warbow draw with discussion of body mechanics and muscle memory
Warbow draw application

February 11: Lykopis Archery
Continuation of Application of Warbow conversation and lecture
Travel to second location (address to be posted soon)
Warbow Shooting

February 17: Second Location 
Warbow Shooting
Heavy Thumb Draw Shooting
Lunch Break

February 18: Lykopis Archery
Discussions and Goodbyes
Certificates of Completion

This event will require travel within the Metro Vancouver Area. If you need assistance, we are arranging ride-sharing. Please make your transportation needs known at the time of registration.

To register, please email

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