Patricia Gonsalves is a historical archer that has over 30 years of archery experience. She has spent years researching about historical archery and has circumnavigated the globe for her research. Beyond that, Patricia is also an Archery Consultant, Trainer and Armourer for film and TV, including the CW's Arrow and The 100.

An Archer’s Reflection on Culture

Culture. What exactly is it? What does it mean to say ‘our culture’ or ‘our cultural identity’? Can we in North America claim something such as ‘cultural identity’ since we are such mixed bag of race and cultures? What exactly defines a country’s cultural identity? In attending the first day of the Conquest Cup in Istanbul and meeting many traditional and modern archers from various countries I came to realize something: whether people know it or not, archery is present in almost every cultural identity out there, Australia notwithstanding. The Spice Road, the roads of Rome, the sea routes of the … Continue reading

Lars Andersen – Fact or Fiction?

Over the past week there has been a lot of discussion about the new Lars Andersen video that has been circulating the web and I have been asked how true his claims are so many times that  I decided it was time to respond. Mr. Andersen is an excellent archer, of that there is little doubt. However his claims of historical and ancient techniques are much too broad and inaccurate, revealing that he is not actually an expert in traditional archery used for hunting or warfare. I can say this because I have spent over 20 years studying traditional archery, circumnavigated … Continue reading

Searching for Robin Hood

London Metro, train to Nottingham , bus Sherwood pub lodging, immediate bus back to Nottingham. This was our first day to tracking the Wolf’s head Robin Hood. Upon arrival at Dukeries lodge at Sherwood we discovered a walking tour back in Nottingham described as the “definitive way to meet the Hooded Man”. It was a mad rush to switch out of our sweaty travelling clothes, grab some equipment and hop the 20 minutes bus back to Nottingham, almost leaving Darren behind as he realized that he had left the camera shoulder mount inside. The bus came around the corner just … Continue reading

The Fall and Rise of the Mary Rose

We may never know what exactly went wrong that day in 16” as the French Navy sailed into the Solent off Portsmouth, England. King Henry’s Royal Navy stood at the ready to engage and rebuff these saucy French who dare invade the waters of Britain. The King’s best ships assembled in formation with the pride and joy of the fleet, the Mary Rose named after Henry’s sister Mary and Captained by Roger Grenville, taking her rightful place at the head of the 80 ship strong Royal Navy. King Henry stood on the shore as the first cannon shot were fired, … Continue reading

A Passion for Archery is Born

The clear blue sky passed above me, framed in the open hatch, the perfect square making it difficult to tell that we were actually moving. In fact, if it wasn’t for the swelling movement of the hull below me, I wouldn’t know. I was taking refuge in the V berth of our small boat from the Pacific Northwest sun, a new book picked up at our last port in my hand. Lazing about, I resisted the urge to open its pages, choosing instead to watch the sun pop in and out of the hatchway as we rocked back and forth … Continue reading

An Archer Abroad

This blog post is dedicated to Robert A. I’ve been in Istanbul for almost a full day and aside from persistent jet lag things are going great. My hostel is located seconds from the Hagia Sophia, Hippodrome, Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar. It fascinates me how the Roman world and the Islamic word of the Sultans have combined into a spectacular city. The people here are very proud of their traditional history, how could you not be, surrounded by such amazing monuments? It is this rich history that led Murat Özveri, whom I had the pleasure of meeting today, to … Continue reading

Archery in Hawaii

On a recent trip to Hawaii, somewhere I’d never thought I’d go, I had the chance to visit the island of Lanai. Lanai is what used to be the Dole pineapple empire. I can only imagine what a beautiful island it must of been before row after row of pineapple took over. As it slowly rebuilds after Dole pulled up roots and left for the Philippines, Lanai has embraced the ‘adventure tourist’ with various outdoor sports being offered on this beautiful island. Lanai Pines Sporting Clays is one of many ‘adventures’ one can do there. Dont be fooled by its … Continue reading