Intro to Asiatic Composite Bow

Intro-to-ACBDue to popular demand, Lykopis will now be offering a 2-hour workshop at 2155 Commercial Drive that introduces you to the history of Asiatic Composite Bows (ACBs), different styles and shooting of ACBs, basic ACB maintenance and an intensive session on proper form and shooting.

This workshop is perfect for people who have experience with modern recurve bows, but are interested in different types of bows and styles of shooting.

Participants are required to have taken the Adult Intro to Archery workshop prior to this workshop.

If you are interested in the Intro to Asiatic Composite Bow workshop with Lykopis Archery, please fill out the inquiry form below or register via the links on the side bar.

This intro workshop costs $100 + GST per person and will be held on a Sunday morning from 10:00am-12:00pm. Please note that anyone who has taken an Adult Intro to Archery workshop can take this workshop, but only students who have passed their intermediate modern recurve bow test may study on an ongoing basis.

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