Ongoing Youth Archery

Youth Intro to AcheryMerida! Katniss! Legolas!

These may be names we as adults don’t know but they are our modern day Robin Hoods. Either way, kids are taking a new look at archery.

Lykopis offers a comprehensive look at archery for youth. Designed to introduce the young archer to the many bows and archery styles in the Art of Archery.

Your child, aged 8-15, will learn the Art through hands on learning, giving them the opportunity to explore the Art in its many forms. Children will practice and learn with a variety of bow types. Beginning with the modern recurve bow, they will be taught the three finger draw and release technique, proper stance and strength building exercises.

Your child should wear comfortable clothing and running shoes. Long hair should be tied back. A notebook and pencil should also be brought.

Youth classes cost $150 + taxes per month and are currently held Sundays from 3:00-5:00pm. Please note that no Intro to Archery Workshop is required before taking the youth ongoing classes.

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