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Open RangeWe apologise for the inconvenience, but we will not be holding an Open Range during the summer months.
If you would like more information on our outdoor range in Burnaby, please fill out the inquiry form. Pricing is the same as Open Range, and scheduling is more flexible.


Already taken the Intro to Archery Workshop but unable to attend weekly lessons? Have no fear, Lykopis offers a weekly Open Range on most Sundays from 12:30pm – 2:30pm.

You will have the chance to practice archery on your own with a diverse group of traditional archers. There will be a marshall, but no instruction during Open Range and we do ask that only bare bows and traditional bows under 35# be used.

You should wear comfortable clothing and running shoes. Long hair should be tied back.

Open Range costs $10 + $5 equipment rental (if necessary) per hour.
Please note that you must have had experience shooting or have taken a private or an Intro to Archery Workshop with us in order to attend Open Range.
If you will be attending for your first time, please book an assessment in advance so we can go over everything and make sure that our range will be a good fit for you.

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