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Lykopis Archery with Film

2012 – Present: IMDb profile

October 2012 – Present: Archery Technician/ Trainer with “Arrow”

2014 – Present: Archery Technician with “The 100”

October 2015 – Present: Archery Technician with “The Flash”

Summer 2014: Archery expert role on Arcade Arms

Summer 2014: Filming of Taking Aim documentary about the history of traditional archery

Summer 2015: EpicArcher filming in Europe

Lykopis Archery in the Media

November 2015: Coverage in What’s In Magazine magazine

March 2015: Traditional Composite Hungarian Recurve Bow we sell was featured in Watch Journal

October 9, 2014: Featured in ‘Arrow’ Archery Expert Talks Season 3 on Archery 360

December 28, 2012: Coverage in Canadian Immigrant magazine

October 17th, 2012: And another front page, this time the Vancouver 24 Hours

October 16th, 2012: Check us out on the front page of the New Westminster News Leader

October 11th, 2012: Mentioned in Arrow Star Stephen Amell Talks Archery Form on Rancho Park Archers

October 6th, 2012: Mentioned in Stephen Amell’s ‘Arrow’ role required practice on The Boston Globe

Other Archery Links

Arrow” on the CW Network (some content is location restricted).

Arrow” on CTV (British Columbia)

Arrow Workout” by Neila Rey and Patricia Gonsalves

Archery in fashion: méchante.belle design (featuring archery equipment provided by Lykopis Archery)

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