Searching for Robin Hood

Robin-Hood-WindowLondon Metro, train to Nottingham , bus Sherwood pub lodging, immediate bus back to Nottingham. This was our first day to tracking the Wolf’s head Robin Hood. Upon arrival at Dukeries lodge at Sherwood we discovered a walking tour back in Nottingham described as the “definitive way to meet the Hooded Man”. It was a mad rush to switch out of our sweaty travelling clothes, grab some equipment and hop the 20 minutes bus back to Nottingham, almost leaving Darren behind as he realized that he had left the camera shoulder mount inside. The bus came around the corner just as he came leaping out of the Dukeries and barrelling down the street to meet me at the bus stop.

The tour started at two and we wouldn’t arrive until 2:15. Modern technology allowed us to text the tour guide to let him know we were indeed coming and find out where to meet him. Getting back into Nottingham we ran to the tour start point to find him already gone. Again we texted, hoping to find him. After all, how hard could it be to find a fellow dressed as Robin Hood? True to the nature of the Outlaw himself, it proved more difficult than we thought, like the Sheriff we ran about in circles, up and down hills and around the old buildings of the town.

Then, it happened, Darren’s phone rang, only later would we found out how extremely rare it was for the guide to actually make a call after the start of his tour. Perhaps Herne was guiding us that day as we quickly made our way to the group. They were at St. Mary’s church were Robin and Marion were said to be wed. Lo and behold, there he was – Robin Hood, cap tucked in his wide belt strapped about his waist, hunting horn hanging from it. After all this time I was finally about to meet the “Man in the Hood”.

About Patricia Gonsalves

Patricia Gonsalves is a historical archer that has over 30 years of archery experience. She has spent years researching about historical archery and has circumnavigated the globe for her research. Beyond that, Patricia is also an Archery Consultant, Trainer and Armourer for film and TV, including the CW's Arrow and The 100.
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