Who We Are

Patricia LykopisPatricia Gonsalves aka EpicArcher

Founder and Head Instructor

Action. Adventure. Archery. These three A’s perfectly summarize Patricia Gonsalves’ life. Born on the Caribbean island of Barbados, Patricia spent her formative years travelling and living on boats. It was during this time that she developed her love of the art of archery, all thanks to a green-clad archer and his merry men. With literary heroes like Robin Hood, Ivanhoe and the White Company as her heroes, Patricia used her passion for archery throughout her school career, incorporating the art into as many projects as possible from History to Physics to English.

Upon graduating from secondary school, Patricia put her archery career on hold to become a Red Seal Chef. During her 24-year career in the kitchen she cooked for the likes of Prime Ministers and Delegates before retiring and returning to her first love: the Art of Archery.

Drawing on her love of travel and history, Patricia went on to study archery around the world, meeting and training with expert historians, bowyers and archers in such locations as Turkey, Italy and Hungary. With over 30 years of experience and training, Patricia specializes in ancient and traditional archery weapons, tools and techniques. She now teaches the theories, styles and techniques of ancient, traditional and historical archery to students at her own archery school, Lykopis Archery. In addition to passing along her knowledge to the next generation of traditional archers, Patricia also promotes accurate Hollywood portrayals of archers in her role as the archery consultant for the popular television series “Arrow” and other archery related shows listed in her IMDB profile.

Bernice Gordon


Bernice is a full time artist in the Film and Animation industry, martial arts practitioner, cultural conservationist and observer, and an avid hands-on conservationist of wildlife and nature. By personal definition, she is a “Romantic” Archer- focusing on the ceremonies, prayers, construction of accessories, garb, and related livelihood that contribute and compose the disposition of a healthy natural survivalist and compassionate archer. Bernice’s specialty is the Indigenous Flatbows of the Canadian East coast. She became interested in indigenous archery when she was working extensively in the First Nations communities on the East coast for 13 years.

Stephanie Tsang


Stephanie finally joined the cool kids club when she started learning archery over a year ago, and she’s been hooked ever since. She is thrilled to be a part of the Lykopis team and loves learning and working with her fellow instructors and students. Stephanie is currently a dietetics student at UBC and when not engrossed in academic and toxophilic pursuits, she enjoys reading, cooking, and indulging her love of cinema.

Taylore McManne


A natural archer, especially with the flatbow, Taylore’s story has a familiar ring to it – she tried archery, was hooked, and after training with Lykopis, she decided to introduce others to the wonderful world of archery.

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