Lykopis Team

It is in the Myth of Herakules and his 12 Labours that we find the Amazon archer Lykopis. Herakules was tasked in stealing the belt of the Amazon Queen Hippolyta. Lykopis and the Amazon Army attacked Herakules with Lykopis using her mighty bow and arrows in an attempt to protect her Queen and stop Herakules’ army of Greeks.

Keeping our namesake in mind, Lykopis Archery embraces the history of the Art of Archery and explores the skill as it is found in cultures around the World. We believe that to truly understand the skill of archery, students must be immersed in all aspects of the art: understanding historical and cultural differences, appreciating the skill required to make archery equipment, and experiencing both the physical and mental training needed to excel at becoming an expert archer.

In our programs you will learn all facets of archery, from proper stance to making your own arrows and tillering your own bow. With Lykopis you will train your body and mind as an archer, learn different archery disciplines such as: modern recurve bow, American flat bow, Asiatic composite bow, English longbow. We also offer study classes and field trips to discover other archery skills and practices around the World. Regardless of your experience level, as long as you have a desire to learn about the World of Archery, we would love to hear from you.

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